Two words connect with an invisible thread the youth subcultures of the 80s, North American hip-hop and Joseph Conrad: Stone + Island.

Born as an informal clothing branch of CP Company in 1982 and founded on the two most recurring single words from the books of the Anglo-Polish navigator and writer Joseph Conrad, Stone Island was born from a visionary and ingenious idea by designer Massimo Osti . A double-sided canvas for truck covers, blue on one side and red on the other, an extreme stone-washed treatment, this is how 'Tela Stella' was born, the material with which the first collection of 7 Stone Island jackets is made.

From there, technological and stylistic innovation will dominate the brand, from the Ice Jacket to wide-ribbed pullovers, from Parkas to austere accessories, all 'branded' with the military-style fabric band adorned with the iconic Rose of the Winds imprinted on it .

From cult brand to true status symbol in the following years, Stone Island boasts collaborations with giants such as New Balance and Supreme and veneration by world-famous artists such as Spike Lee, Drake, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid.

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