3 things describe Etro at the first moment: 

The Paisley, the teardrop representation of the Persian Boteh , the date bud that symbolizes the Tree of Life, has always been the iconographic sign of the Company

Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, which has always been the company logo

The Etro family, which has always been the owner and fulcrum of the company for two generations.

Since 1968, the year in which Gerolamo 'Gimmo' Etro founded the fashion house , the Milan-based brand has gone through 50 years of constantly evolving luxury history.

In 1981 , after a trip to India by its founder Gimmo, Etro introduced Paisley , which from that moment on would distinguish its home products, from refined fabrics for home decor to accessories for men and women, from leather goods to ready-to-wear porter. 

Precisely starting from the decoration of interior environments, from accessories to fabrics, the brand takes distinct shape and begins its expansion, expanding its vocabulary with collections of men's and women's clothing, pervading the 80s with a very personal classic and at the same time cosmopolitan style,  conquering Milan, where the flagship store was born in the fashion street par excellence, Via Montenapoleone. So it's time for the launch of the first Fragrance Collections, presented in Via Verri and Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honoré.

An unstoppable rise, based on a concept of ' new tradition' , a fascinating mix of refinement, eccentricity and classicism, bold colors and unpredictable textures with meticulous attention to the eternal style, which is the Italian one, and excellent raw materials, cashmere, linen, cotton, fabrics that already represented the basis of the workmanship for the house of the Milanese brand.

Gimmo's 4 sons will subsequently develop every sector of the company, which goes online in 2013, structuring the brand as a symbol of sublime class, opening flagship stores in sacred places such as New York, Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Paris and Beverly Hills .

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