MSGM is a Made In Italy clothing brand born in Milan from the mind of Massimo Giorgetti in 2009.

Characterized by a colourful, lively, modern and contemporary style, with a marked personality that is never too over the top.

A great influence on the brand's concept is undoubtedly music , an integral part of the previous DJ career of its Creative Director, whose name is the basis of the acronym MSGM, in turn freely inspired by the band MGMT.

From the first experiences of the founder of the Brand one can sense his attitude, from the first display of his garments in the historic Antonia boutique in Milan, where in addition to exhibiting his graphic talent, Massimo accompanies the presentation with a live decoration of his garments, in an artistic performance that anticipates the stylistic signature of MSGM.

Starting from the passion for embellishing sweatshirts and t-shirts borrowed from his uncles, the imprint of the brand is precisely the combination of high sartorial quality and computerized prints that refer to streetwear, precious fabrics and references to pop-art (great passion collection of the designer), bright colors, explosive textures that have hit the world of fashion since the first fashion shows.

Collaborations with artists of the caliber of Kenzo and Maurizio Cattelan have projected the brand into the elite of the fashion system, the flair of combining bon ton and ripped jeans identifies  MSGM which, as defined by Giorgetti himself, can be summarized as an 'accident between Italian fashion and streetwear culture'.

In 2019, on the tenth anniversary of the brand, there were many events to celebrate this milestone, new artistic collaborations were born with Flash Art and Peter Halley, Norbert Bisky and Todd Bienvenu and a limited edition design with Venini.

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