Attic and Barn is developed and distributed on the national and international market by the Italian company NYKY, created in Treviso in 2008, thanks to the passion and experience gained in the fashion field by Michela and Alessandro Biasotto.

Attic and Barn was born exactly in 2010 when the couple consulted the vintage archive present in the suggestive Filanda Motta in Campocroce, a hamlet of the Treviso municipality of Mogliano Veneto. The irresistible and timeless charm of those vintage dresses pushes Michela and Alessandro to create a new clothing line, Attic and Barn, in which vintage patterns and silhouettes are reinterpreted in a modern key and with immediately recognizable taste.
Attic and Barn, which began its journey as a brand of only printed silk clothes, expanded its offering in the following years, quickly offering a total look complete with footwear, bags and accessories.

The brand has evolved from season to season thanks to the use of refined manufacturing techniques and the constant search for styles and new trends, leading today's distribution to reach Europe and various international showcases.

Commercial intuitions, combined with personal taste and corporate experience, materialize today in a brand that meets the needs of a constantly evolving market. In addition to the showrooms in Milan and Paris, the brand also owes its success to the close collaboration with a network of Italian and international agents and distributors capable of maximizing the qualities of the brand.

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