The name Brunello Cucinelli is synonymous with many things, of which the processing of cashmere for the creation of 'absolute luxury' clothing is just one of the many, highly revolutionary and exclusive of the brand.

In 1978 Brunello became engaged to Federica Brenda and got to know the village where she was born, Solomeo. 

Solomeo , a medieval village in the province of Perugia near Corciano, at that precise moment, becomes the center of the whole story ;  not only the physical place where the production adventure began in 1982, when he married Federica and decided to move to the small Umbrian town, but also the spiritual habitat of a new entrepreneurial 'metaphysics', an avant-garde way of approaching business that from then on it will make the brand unique and a true example of corporate excellence and virtue, defined as Neohumanistic Capitalism.

The production landscape in which Brunello Cucinelli, the man and the brand, appeared at the time of its foundation was a crucial area of ​​the manufacturing sector, Perugia, in which around 13,000 people were already employed. The sector in which Cucinelli decides to launch himself very courageously is the production of colored cashmere garments for women only.

With the very strong approval of the German market first and then the American one, the company began to grow and take shape in the way the visionary creator had imagined it. On a production level, the brand expands its production line to garments for men and women, focusing on the sustainable processing of cashmere personally selected only from 'Hyrcus' breed goats , raised in Mongolia in the ancient way, the human element that has always fascinated the founder of the brand. The human element that then permeated every area of ​​the company, from the relationship with employees, with work plans without 'stamps' and long lunch breaks, higher than average salaries and numerous bonus plans obtained from the company's profits, up to investments in the area such as the Cucinelli Theater in 2008 or the renovation of the entire village of the town with inauguration of the Library of Arts, the Amphitheater and the Gymnasium in 2010. 

The creation of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, the almost 2000 employees and the approximately 360 companies involved in the production process, the numerous awards such as the Cavaliere del Lavoro and the Global Economy Prize, received from the prestigious Kiel Institute for the World Economy with the noble certificate of having been able to "perfectly impersonate the figure of the Honorable Merchant", they tell of an enlightened entrepreneurial reality , strongly linked to the tradition of craftsmanship, with a marked capitalistic drive projected towards revenue, as evidenced by the listing on the stock exchange in 2012 and the constantly rising prices rise of garments and accessories, but in which the human factor is at the center of everything, the principles of San Benedetto da Norcia, Gandhi, Aristotle, Kafka, main inspirations of Brunello Cucinelli, not surprisingly defined as The Prince Of Solomeo by The New Yorker .

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