A microcosm of inspiration and aspirations, that of Maria Vittoria Paolillo who, very young, has a dream in which she dedicates every minute of her time until that dream becomes a reality recognized by all, represented by her name. MVP .

Born in Rome, the fifth generation of a family of diamond traders for 180 years, a passion for jewelery design in a context of two centuries of experience and expertise, but the dream of Maria Vittoria Paolillo, who for everyone is Vichi, is that of flying with his wings and choosing his personal expressive language.

At 20 she decides to invest in herself and in the search for a personal design grammar, she studies gemology, designs a fashion collection that does not have the desired response, continues to work 360 degrees on her message, her project, focuses on sempirecious materials such as silver and bronze, sharing his work, his creations and his style online.

These are years of incessant work, Instagram becomes his expressive platform , he creates a ring that must complete a woman's look, the five rings cage , a system of 5 rings for all the fingers of a hand.

A gamble, but at the same time a success and a distinctive sign of his style, his followers increase dramatically and his whole life passes through Instagram. The interest of his followers is total, both for the jewels and for his looks, to which his creations are combined, this is the moment in which Vichi decides to design clothes.

With her husband, Federico, they created the MVP Wardrobe business plan, a strategy of monthly collections with a few items and a seen-bought formula, minimal lines and a glam attitude, sweatshirts and t-shirts in natural fibres.

The MVP microcosm has a precise shape, a solid base of almost 200k followers, 10k online customers, collaborations with big brands, co-branding in the beauty sector, not a break from social media: the first complete collections are born.

'I don't want to do fashion, I only dream of stylish, elegant, always chic women'. 

A dream that becomes a rapidly growing and constantly evolving brand, a microcosm of inspiration and aspirations called MVP.

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